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Eko-san offers two standard types of construction:TURNKEY and ROH BAU. . In Turnkey type all the construction works are done (Roh Bau + craft works), while in Roh Bau type some construction works are being performed by the investor. Details of our standard offer are listed in the table below.

Apart from our standard offer, we can also build any type of construction which exludes some construction works as well as we can replace any material (for example type of tile or parquet). This type is suitable for investors with limited financial resources and investors who can independently perform some construction works.

This version is also suitable for cooperation with other construction companies, in which we build and install complete structure and the partners perform the rest of the construction work.

Standard Offers

Turnkey Roh Bau
1Concrete foundations.
2Instalation of waterproof floor panel. installation of hydroisolation under all walls
3Workshop construction and installation of exteriror walls and roof construction (more details on the „Construction“).
4Workshop construction and installation of interior walls(more details on the „Construction“).
5Roof covering with Tondach „Continental plus“ tile or with tin tile „Sebastian“(more details on the „Construction“).
6Gutters instalation (color is chosen by investor).
7Chimney instalation (diameter 160 mm).
8Instalation of thermal facade (glue, facade styrofoam 10cm, adhesive mesh, silicate). White is standard color.
9Eaves lining – paneling (white or wood color).
10Fence installation on balconies with metal construction and wooden filings.
11Instalation of wooden or stone window sills .
12Metal frame fence installation on the terraces and balconies.
13Installation of metal or stone window sills.
14Installation of PVC windows and balcony door(more details on the „Construction“).
15Installation of gypsum plasterboards (12,5 mm) on interiror walls and ceilings and smoothing the surfaces. Plasterboard ceilings are placed on the construction of aluminium profiles.
16Installation of interior wooden door.
17Installation of internal staircase made of fir with a handrail, painted in the wood color or white.
18Electroinstalations and ligtning rod instalation, according to the main project.
19Installation of water and sewer network in the house, according to the main project.
20White sanitary instalation (bath, shower, toilet bowl with cistern, wash basins, bidets, water heaters, faucets ...), according to the main project.
21Installation of oak parquet on 180 mm OSB panel and minreal wool(more details on the „Construction“).
22Installation of ceramic floor tiles in bathroom, kitchen, hallway, pantry and balconies.
23Reclaimed wood flooring (fir) and varnishing in the loft.
24Interior walls and ceiling painting in two layers (white is default color).
25Wooden sufraces painting in white or wood color.