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Eko-san construction of low energy and passive houses

Eko-san constructions are blend of knowledge and experience gained over the years in Sweden, other EU countries and Canada, in cooperation with Engineering and Architecture faculties in Stockholm, Toronto and Zagreb.

- These structures provide outstanding thermal insulation and depending of the type od construction they save energy from 2,5 to 7 times. When combined with a solar heating system you get almost free energy to heat your homes, and nearly free domestic hot water. For the duration of this objects (about 150 years) they repay themselves 2-3 times on energy savings.

-In terms of the static stability these objects are far more resistant to earthquakes and tectonic disturbances then classical structures built with brick and concrete.

-Materials that are being used in construction of these objects (dry wood, OSB, mineral wool, gypsum board, etc.) are far more healthier then materials like brick, concrete, iron armature and other with much less harmful radiation.

In these objects there is no moisture and mold.

In our standard offer we present you four basic types of construction in terms of thermal protection:

  • CLASSIC (MD2):   Very good thermal isolation for smaller objects (up to 150 m2) in Continental Europe and Mediterranean area.
  • EURO 1 (MD3):  Excellent low energy thermal protection for the continental part of Europe.
  • EURO 2 (MD4):  Exceptional thermal protection intended primarily for export to Scandinavia and other northern European countries.
  • PASIV (MD5):  Passive thermal protection is the best thermal protection and it is primarily intended for northern parts of Scandinavia while in the continental part of Europe is just a matter of prestige.


EURO 1 (MD3)

EURO 2 (MD4)